Welcome to Cornwall Firepits
Bespoke Sculptural Firepits Handcrafted in the Heart of Cornwall


Each firepit is made from 5-6mm mild steel and comes in a range of sizes.


A design is hand-drawn on the sphere before being cut out using a hand-held plasma cutter.


The firepits can be finished in two ways; professionally sprayed with a heat proof black paint, or left to develop their own iron oxide patina, where the colours will develop and get better over time.  Both of these options enable customers to keep them outside throughout the year.


They look incredible in the summer when lit, and also throughout the winter where they act as a beautiful garden sculpture.


Our collection designs so far consist of woodlands, wild meadows, underwater and love (which has proved popular with wedding hires!).


All of these have been inspired by Cornish life and we are continually looking to extend and develop our range. Head over to our gallery for a quick look or our contact page to get in touch!